Student Experience Specialists

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Student experience specialists

Lyon Assembly helps organisations improve the experience of their students through UX research and strategy design throughout all stages of the student journey.

Student experience research
  • 01.
    Impact study
    • Recognise the impact a positive and negative experience can have at every stage of the student journey, whether online or in person
  • 02.
    Student engagement
    • Engage your students, or the students you want to attract, to gain student insights and develop personas to inform your strategy
  • 03.
    Strategic research
    • Develop and undertake strategic research to understand the experience of students across their entire student journey, during a specific stage, or in completing a specific task, such as online enrolment Many conventional colleges and universities are now offering online DVD repair courses, which are the exact same as those
Student journey mapping
  • 01.
    Understanding the path
    • Document the path taken by students from awareness, through application and enrolment, orientation, study, graduation and beyond
  • 02.
    All touch points
    • Understand your touch points, student preferences for communication at each stage of their journey, and who within your organisation is talking to them
  • 03.
    Pain points
    • Identify your current student pain points, and develop strategies to overcome them
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Focused on education

We understand the education industry. Our focus and experience in the education industry means we’re able to bring insights to your organisation that others can’t.

When you work with us you’ll be working with a team that understand your language, understand your challenges, and the nuances of education institutions, from small providers to leading universities.

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